Michaels Office Furnishings

Nice to Know

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best method is to use a damp cloth to wipe of dust without leaving moisture behind. Waxing is not encouraged.

See Murphy® Oil Soap for their cleaning recommendations.


Thin layer of wood product used as a finished surface.


High pressure laminates have come a long way from the original kitchen counter formica days. Laminate provides almost infinite color and wood look alike options, with durability and ease of maintenance beyond wood or veneer finishes.

Solid Wood

The industry only requires the product to contain 10% of the advertised wood as content. This can frequently be obtained with the smaller trim pieces.


Layers of wood assembled together with glue in various plys (three layers, five layers). Such product is deemed stronger and more stable than solid wood of the same dimensions.

Particle Board

Typically considered a by-product of the wood industry in the form of sawdust with glue which is what makes it so heavy. Probably the least stable product when it comes to rigid support.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

Contains finer wood particles than particle board which makes it denser than standard particle board.

Hardwood versus Softwood

Hardwoods such as Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry are commonly classified based on being deciduous, with softwoods such as Pine and Cedar receiving their classification based on being evergreens.

We’ve Moved

In case you haven't heard we moved to 5138 Caterpillar Road located behind Dill's Deli in the old Western Tool location. You can reach us at the same phone number (530) 221-3310.

Featured Products

Compass System

Compass System

The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge in managing their facilities

Canvas Interiors

Canvas Interiors

Canvas landscapes are designed to mirror an organization's culture and raise the level of its performance.

Embody Chairs

Embody Chairs

What do we do every day? We sit. We sit in the office and at home. Staring at our computer screens moving nothing but our fingers.

Aeron Chairs

Aeron Chairs

The Aeron chair didn't end up in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection just because it looks cool.